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“We are looking to heal something that is far from us. The perception that we developed as children in order to survive is not inclusive — meaning that it separates us from the real world. We are so lost looking for answers.  How can we change the soft walls that we have built? How can I protect this inner child that lives within these walls, after we have decided to tear them apart? We know that we need to expand our safety boundaries in order to pursue happiness.”

The word “holistic” defines the acceptance of the perception of something as a whole. We belong to systems within systems. The biggest movement is not being spiritual. The biggest challenge we face is to deconstruct our survival mode in order to understand what is the realm of something that is beyond time and words.

The Work

The School

We are an international school dedicated to elevating individual and planetary consciousness by providing holistic wellness and education.

Our Mission is to instruct, encounter and motivate students and the general public through a holistic approach. Students will benefit from a well-balanced integrated theory, technique, and practical experiences.

Graduates of training programs will be qualified to understand and apply the RECONSTRUCTIVE INTEGRATIVE INTERNATIONAL HOLISTIC SCHOOL model. We provide students with the best possible in-depth educational and coursework experience, while offering our students with the latest innovative information.

RECONSTRUCTIVE INTEGRATIVE INTERNATIONAL HOLISTIC SCHOOL offers, to the committed students, the tools to integrate this knowledge into their personal and professional lives, assuring to participants to elevate their awareness and experience.

We maintain a group-learning environment through collaborative programs, as well as individual sessions. We encourage our students and alumni to pursuit a continuous lifestyle by immersing themselves in our global support network of peers. All students are empowered, if they choose to, to be an active part of this transformation, which is so needed now in life. Our main goal is:

  • To provide a service and charity
  • Spiritual Guidance and Inspiration
  • Peace with and within the body, mind, family, community, cultures, ecology and the divine

This program provides life-enriching tools and information that, with application, can be used to transform lives. Our program is designed to ignite true awakening of consciousness and realization. We seek for individuals who are in the growing need for a health, respect for life and acknowledge of our mission.

Bring this priceless knowledge into yourself, your family and your community members. We must come together and make this possible, through experiences, kindness and committed actions. Consequently, we become emissaries of consciousness and harmony for creation.

We look forward to seeing you

The Work

Are we ready to find who we really are? What is looking for us to gain transformation without controlling? Without intention, judgment, fear, artificial love, or memories.

We empower the energy that is full of information to express itself

In Reconstructive® work, we empower the energy that is full of information to express itself, so that we can connect with our issues. It has the power to lift our masks and expose the real thing.

 By feeling the real emotions, something can get in motion again

After deconstructing some of the issues we thought were important, something new arrives. By feeling the real emotions, something can get in motion again. Therein lies an enormous healing power.

It guide us to acquire the wisdom that we deserve

Reconstructive® empowers us to get a new perspective, a vision. It will guide us to acquire the wisdom that we deserve to have. Taking responsibility of our life is the greatest movement for the spirit.

The biggest movement is not being spiritual. The biggest challenge we face is to deconstruct our survival mode in order to understand the realm of something that is beyond time and words to embrace respect for  life, others life and everything that is alive.  This concept must be understood from the core of our humanity in order to find what some consider happiness and others call realization. We, from a personal perspective, have been able to condense these elemental ideas from the areas of science, philosophy, anthropology, shamanism and many others.

Reconstructive: A New Vision

Why Reconstructive Work?

Confusion no longer exists, when we incorporate experiences to our life style. A clear mind is healthier and much more effective. We waste so much time fighting against our own mental power and the reality that surrounds us. Have you asked yourself; is it time to confront myself?

There is the possibility for testing or reaching the highest frequencies, which take us to flow in a higher level of harmony with the energy in the field. In this way, we come across with the balance, strength, and harmony within all the systems implicated in the absolute wellness. Consequently, a more congruous energy is felt in the spiritual realms.

When we become more aware, inside these higher fields of energy, we begging to appreciate how unharmonious we were as we vibrated within them.

We must try to understand ourselves within these levels in order to heal and expand our spiritual perception. However, being able to relate with one another, is the highest level of them all.

Understanding the multidimensional concept of acknowledgement, the notion of being aware and the ability to include is the path to achieve the expansion and healing.

What can we get from Reconstructive work?

  1. The energy is tested, in a practical way, in order to create consciousness in our body, mind, emotions, and spirituality
  2. It has an extensive field of information for a new experimental dimension
  3. New experiences and changes in perception
  4. Extensive states of consciousness which provide valuable information to transform the old in something new and motivating
  5. Awareness of others in space and time
  6. Becoming more assertive in conflict resolutions
  7. Dissociation of the intellect from the rigidity of long-term memories
  8. Letting go, becoming free and open minded
  9. Understanding unity with compassion and humanity
  10. Release of emotional blockings health and wellbeing
  11. Improvement of relationships
  12. Achieving a proactive and profound focus

The Structure

This is a journey, a path, never ending and always expanding. Sometimes we need a guide or teacher, someone who guides and challenges us to reach another level.

Carola Castillo

Founder and Appointed Teacher

Carola Castillo
From Caracas, Venezuela

School teacher, psychology student, systemic therapist, family constellation facilitator, systemic coaching for organizations, master in clinical hypnotherapist, Doctor of Divinity and Minister by the Universal Life Church. Worked as a teacher at Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Health (FLICAH), LLC. Miami, USA.

Director and founder of the Hellinger Institute of Venezuela and the Reconstructive International Integrative Holistic School. Cofounder of the Hellinger Institute in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

Designer of fundamental tools required for individual sessions. Creator and developer of her independent movement: RECONSTRUCTIVE. The intertwining journey inside the shamanic ground with the use of sacred plants experiences (“ayahuasca”), family constellation work according to Bert Hellinger and insights as a student from the Shaolin Wahnam Institute in Chi Kung, Taijiquan and Zen. In this technique, we can experience the expansion, learning process and different levels of consciousness. A process understood through the body, mind and spirit that will guide you into a thoughtful field beyond the walls that you had built in order to survive.

Her books can be found in Amazon and the in AppStore for apple users. “Lonchera para el alma”, an app, motivated as social work in order to reach out for those in need of a virtual space for healing. A very successful application for aiding people to grasp insights and the changes that they are looking for. Available in AppStore and GooglePlay.

Eva Hernández

Appointed Teacher

Eva Hernández
From Spain

Her background is in economics and she has an MBA degree, as well as long business experience. She worked for more than ten years in investment banking, which allowed her to see from close the patterns behind financial market movements. In 2011, after a coaching education, she left her financial career, mainly to reconnect with her feminine side. She started with trainings in leadership, NLP and organizational constellations. From there she found Reconstructive, which brought to her deep healing and a major change in her understanding of life. She now applies Reconstructive work to bring consciousness to patterns related to money and finance.

Marie Fridolf

Appointed Teacher

Marie Fridolf
From Sweden

Founder and Director of HumanSky. A background in social work with a master in human relations. An expert, leadership, teacher and scientist in the welfare system of Sweden, both local and in the government for many years.  She has her education in Psychosynthesis, Systemic constellations, Somatic Experiencing® and Identity oriented Psychotrauma®. This took her to Reconstructive work (2008) as a student with Carola Castillo. Since 2010 she works with Reconstructive model as a teacher. Coordinates training program in Reconstructive model.

Mimi Matar

Organization and logistic world wide

Mimi Matar

Born in Caracas, Venezuela graduate in the school of law. Now living in the Dominican Republican. Entrepreneur, very active in social work movements, Systemic family Constellation method, Reconstructive method, producer, and logistic work for the Reconstructive International Integrative Holistic School by Carola Castillo.

Bart De Coninck

Appointed Teacher

Bart De Coninck
From Belgium

His professional roots are in Medicine, Gestalt Therapy, Couple Therapy and Constellation work. His passion is Reconstructive. He facilitates workshops both for men-only groups and for mixed groups, and teaches. How can we live life as fully as possible, and how is this different for men and women, is his focus.

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