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carola castillo

Carola Castillo

Founder and Director

From Caracas, Venezuela

(1961, Venezuela)

Founder and Director of the Reconstructive International Integrative Holistic School. Author, international speaker and facilitator.

School teacher, psychology studies, systemic therapist, family constellation, systemic coaching for organizations, master clinical hypnotherapist and transpersonal Coach according to RIIHS model.

Director and founder of the Hellinger Institute of Venezuela and co-founder of the Hellinger Institute of Western Pennsylvania, USA.

She has created her own tools of working for individual sessions. Her books can be found in Amazon and the AppStore. Her podcast “Lonchera para el alma” in Spanish, is a virtual space for healing.

eva hernandez

Eva Hernández

Director RIIHS Spain

From Spain

From Barcelona, Spain. Certified Teacher in Reconstructive and Director of RIIHS in Spain. Economist and MBA, her background is in finance and investment banking. This awakened her interest in responsible finance, sustainable business models and the psychological patterns behind our relationship with money.  After training as a coactive coach, she left her career and started a path of acknowledging and finding herself.  Student of psychology, she began with trainings in leadership, NLP and organizational constellations. From there she found Reconstructive, which brought to her deep healing and a major change in her understanding of life. Eva facilitates workshops and trainings and offers individual sessions.

mimi matar

Mimi Matar

Director RIIHS Dominican Republic

From Venezuela

Born in Caracas, Venezuela; graduated from Law School. Master in Labor Law. Lives in the Dominican Republic. Entrepreneur, very active in social work movements; her constant questions about the existentiality and the essence of Being incite her to awaken. Mimi staredt a path with training in NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Life Coach; Systemic Coach for organizations, he met Carola Castillo in 2014 and was trained as a Family Systemic Coach, also with training in Reconstructive and Transpersonal Coaching under the RIIHS model. She is currently a Certified Reconstructive Teacher; Director of the RIIHS in the Dominican Republic.


Therapists / Facilitators

jessica luna gonzalez

Jessica Ileana Luna González

Mexico City, Mexico

Facilitator RIIHS
Teacher in Education and Social Psychologist
Centro de Desarrollo Tiferét
Executive Director

inese zulge

Inese Zulge

Riga, Latvia

Facilitator RIIHS
Director and Founder of Studio Quantum in Latvia/Letonia.
Coming from Medical field, for 20 years gained experience in Pharmaceutical business. Experince in Constellation work, Systemic work and Recosntructive work.

lorena pulido

Lorena Pulido

Vancouver, Canada

Certificate in Reconstructive and Systemic Coaching
Journalist. Master in Communication
Master in Journalism
Certificate in International Trade and Logistics

Luiza Doco

Luiza Doco

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Facilitadora RIIHS
Psicóloga clínica durante más de 10 años. Estudió técnicas de taping, coherencia cardiaca, terapia cognitiva, entre otras, para trabajar con el trauma. Formada en hipnoterapia Eriksoniana en el Milton H. Erickson Foundation con Jeffrey Zeig. Instructora en Meditación Certificada por Chopra Center.

leticia costta

Leticia Costta

Minas Gerais, Brazil

Facilitator RIIHS
Psychologist specialized in mental health, systemic therapies and Positive Psychology. Experienced in Constellation work since 2015 (groups or one-on-one sessions).
She has a long experience working as a clinical psychologist in an Oncologic Hospital with patients and workers.
She teaches systemic education in schools for teachers. And works with therapeutics groups focused on resilience developtment.

hermes pérez
Houston, Tx, EE.UU.

Hermes Pérez

Facilitator RIIHS

Venezuelan living in Houston, Texas. Degree in Management and Business Administration, mention in Human Resources. Trained as coach and Reconstructive facilitator at RIIHS.

diego florez

Diego Florez


Facilitator RIIHS
Psychologist, specialized in systemic family and transpersonal therapy. 9 years of experience accompanying ex-combatants in the framework of the peace process in Colombia. Trainer in neurolinguistic programming and NLP teacher.
He accompanies personal growth processes through his multidisciplinary training, transpersonal coaching and Reconstructive under the RIIHS model.
Organizes and accompanies the “Circulo del masculino de Cienser”, a co-therapeutic accompaniment space for men. This space is broadcasted through the podcast “CIRCULO DEL MASCULINO – CIENSER” available on Spotify.

juliette Rijnfrank

Juliette Rijnfrank

The Hague, The Netherlands

Facilitator RIIHS
Juliette works in the Netherlands as an intercultural and systemic coach.
In all those years that she has gained experience as an interpreter and translator, She has come into contact with different cultures on a daily basis. Because whether it is Brazil, Portugal, Angola or Cape Verde, the Portuguese language may be the same almost everywhere, each country has its own cultural context and identity, history and customs. Stimulating dialogue and mutual understanding between different cultures is part of her work as a coach and interpreter.
Including work by using intercultural competencies and sensitivity. That means that you welcome everyone from different cultures with different ideas and opinions.

gabriela idrogo

Gabriela Idrogo

Facilitator RIIHS
Gabriela Idrogo, Venezuelan, by profession Licda in Initial Education, therapist and international coach in personal well-being, certified in various humanist disciplines such as Bioneuroemotion, family constellations and transgenerational tree through non-verbal language.
The practices of transpersonal coaching and reconstructive as an experimental method of new realities have allowed me to optimize individual and group accompaniment in an exponential and expansive way.

mariana gomez
Puerto Montt – Chile

Ana Teresa Bonilla

Facilitator RIIHS

Clinical Psychologist, with a Venezuelan Degree and revalidated by de University of Chile, where she lives currently. She’s convinced that to have a good quality of life you have to improve your mental health, thats why is meaningful to seek our own stability to evolve as a Society, finding good progress and reorganization to focus on our well being.

monica garcia
Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca. México

Mónica Iliana García Rojas

Facilitador RIIHS

Born in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Medical specialist in Epidemiology and Homeopathy; certified in
Medical Epigenetics. She is the author of the book “Superpowers for Everyday Life,” which is based on epigenetics and the use of the body as an active laboratory to improve physical and emotional health. Certified in the use of taping and cardiac coherence, to work with trauma; is a meditation instructor and advanced student of Dr. Joe Dispenza. She gives conferences and workshops, and also guides circles of women leaders; emphasizing self-love as the most powerful transformative mechanism. Lover of cats, books, writing and nature.

matias mercado
Puerto Montt – Chile

Luis Barrios

Facilitator RIIHS

Born in Valencia, Venezuela. He is a lawyer qualified in Venezuela and Chile with postgraduate studies in criminal law, university professor and entrepreneur currently based in the city of Puerto Montt in the south of Chile. Intense seeker of new knowledge in the area of personal development and human skills, trained as an integral Coach of the being and in various Reconstructive trainings, applying holistic knowledge for personal development, economic and academic projects, as well as in strengthening their own family relationships.

zalka solis

Zalka Solís

Facilitator RIIHS

Born in the city of Coyhaique in Chilean Patagonia. Married for 41 years, mother of two children and grandmother of four grandchildren. Entrepreneur with 40 years of experience in the retail industry, where she worked in marketing, sales, and management, leading large teams of people who allowed her to develop her intuition, creativity, and empathy to mobilize efforts and achieve objectives. Certain that our well-being will always depend on the care and balance of our mind, body, and soul, she trained as a Yoga and Pilates instructor, practices that have kept her in constant learning and have allowed her to guide different groups of women. In the same way, she has deepened her work with energy and spirituality through Qigong, under the guidance of her Sifu in the Shaolin Wahnam school. Woman, friend, wife, mother, grandmother, and entrepreneur on a continuous learning journey, which now allows her to support others in embarking on their own path of growth.

elisa herrera
Mexico / Spain

Elisa Herrera Altamirano

RIIHS Facilitator

Psychotherapist and Researcher in Anthropology, Body and Movement. Graduated in Psychology, Master in Women and Gender Studies, Ph.D in Information and Knowledge Society. She is the author of various academic articles and the collections of poems “Luciérnaga de Aceite” and “Larvario”. She practices psychotherapy in person and online. She has professional experience in public and private health, in indigenous, rural, and urban contexts, focused in vital crises, interpersonal bonds and relationships, gender violence, migration, and self-knowledge. She has conducted research on subjects of subjectivity, sport, urbanism, and posthumanism at various universities in Europe, Mexico, and Australia. She is interested in culture and technology. She is an athlete and promoter of the values of sport. Creative person and poet.

matias mercado
Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Spain

Matías José Carbó Mercado

Facilitator RIIHS

Born in Mendoza, Argentina. Transpersonal Therapist. Reconstructive Facilitator – RIIHS. Integral Self Coach – RIIHS. Family Constellator. Rebirthing Therapist. Swasthya Yoga Instructor. Physical and Sports Activities Technician.

For more than 15 years and in constant training and growth, he has been dedicated to accompanying people in their vital processes of crisis, change and transformation, applying the different knowledge acquired over the years in the psycho-physical and emotional areas of the human being.

mariana gomez
Valencia – Spain

Mariana Alejandra Gómez Gutiérrez

Facilitator RIIHS

Mariana Gómez was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She has a professional background in communication. She has a degree in social communication with a specialization in corporate and a Master in marketing and communication. She’s currently living in Valencia, Spain. 

Her path to self knowledge studies, questioning and personal search as a lifestyle took her in an organic way to accompany processes as a Coach, Reconstructive Facilitator and Sexual Holistic Therapist.



tatiana grisales

Tatiana Grisales


mayra carrasquel

Mayra Carrasquel


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