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carola castillo

Carola Castillo

Founder and Director

From Caracas, Venezuela

(1961, Venezuela)

Founder and Director of the Reconstructive International Integrative Holistic School. Author, international speaker and facilitator.

School teacher, psychology studies, systemic therapist, family constellation, systemic coaching for organizations, master clinical hypnotherapist and transpersonal Coach according to RIIHS model.

Director and founder of the Hellinger Institute of Venezuela and co-founder of the Hellinger Institute of Western Pennsylvania, USA.

She has created her own tools of working for individual sessions. Her books can be found in Amazon and the AppStore. Her podcast “Lonchera para el alma” in Spanish, is a virtual space for healing.

bart de coninck

Bart De Coninck

Co Director and Director RIIHS Belgium

From Belgium

Bart is a medical doctor, psychotherapist, couple therapist and facilitator in Reconstructives. Since several years he facilitates training in Reconstructives and different workshops in Reconstructives in mixed groups and men-groups. Bart is co-director of RIIHS and director of RIIHS Belgium. Since 2006 he’s the founder and director of Eigenkleur, a group practice for therapy and couple therapy in Antwerp (B). NEW HERO’S is his newest project, an overall package for men to support their Hero’s Journey (e-book, sessions, workshops).

eva hernandez

Eva Hernández

Director RIIHS Spain

From Spain

From Barcelona, Spain. Certified Teacher in Reconstructive and Director of RIIHS in Spain. Economist and MBA, her background is in finance and investment banking. This awakened her interest in responsible finance, sustainable business models and the psychological patterns behind our relationship with money.  After training as a coactive coach, she left her career and started a path of acknowledging and finding herself.  Student of psychology, she began with trainings in leadership, NLP and organizational constellations. From there she found Reconstructive, which brought to her deep healing and a major change in her understanding of life. Eva facilitates workshops and trainings and offers individual sessions.

mimi matar

Mimi Matar

Director RIIHS Dominican Republic

From Venezuela

Born in Caracas, Venezuela; graduated from Law School. Master in Labor Law. Lives in the Dominican Republic. Entrepreneur, very active in social work movements; her constant questions about the existentiality and the essence of Being incite her to awaken. Mimi staredt a path with training in NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Life Coach; Systemic Coach for organizations, he met Carola Castillo in 2014 and was trained as a Family Systemic Coach, also with training in Reconstructive and Transpersonal Coaching under the RIIHS model. She is currently a Certified Reconstructive Teacher; Director of the RIIHS in the Dominican Republic.

Pablo Medina

Pablo Medina

Co-Director RIIHS Venezuela

From Venezuela

Consultant and Facilitator of Programs for Self-knowledge, Consciousness Development, Human Interactions and Self-realization through RIIHS Transpersonal Coaching, RIIHS Reconstructive, Systemic Family Therapy, Fulfillment Coaching, Negotiation Models, Nonviolent Communication and Social, Emotional and Ethical learning. Certified instructor of the Shaolin Wahnam School for teaching the Internal Arts focused on Integral Harmonic Development through the Cultivation of Vital Energy for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity and Spiritual Connection. 21 years as a specialized facilitator of experiential learning in Human Development, Education, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development programs, designing and implementing training models in Organizational Change and Culture projects, Responsible individuals and organizations and Sustainable Development.


Therapists / Facilitators

jessica luna gonzalez

Jessica Ileana Luna González

Mexico City, Mexico

Facilitator RIIHS
Teacher in Education and Social Psychologist
Centro de Desarrollo Tiferét
Executive Director

inese zulge

Inese Zulge

Riga, Latvia

Facilitator RIIHS
Director and Founder of Studio Quantum in Latvia/Letonia.
Coming from Medical field, for 20 years gained experience in Pharmaceutical business. Experince in Constellation work, Systemic work and Recosntructive work.

lorena pulido

Lorena Pulido

Vancouver, Canada

Certificate in Reconstructive and Systemic Coaching
Journalist. Master in Communication
Master in Journalism
Certificate in International Trade and Logistics

livia de vos

Livia De Vos

Antwerp, Belgium

Facilitator RIIHS
Background as social nurse, in Gestalt Therapy and in Systemic Work, as well in the public sector as in the private sector. Individual private sessions, groups session and specify in women dynamics and growing circles.

leticia costta

Leticia Costta

Minas Gerais, Brazil

Facilitator RIIHS
Psychologist specialized in mental health, systemic therapies and Positive Psychology. Experienced in Constellation work since 2015 (groups or one-on-one sessions).
She has a long experience working as a clinical psychologist in an Oncologic Hospital with patients and workers.
She teaches systemic education in schools for teachers. And works with therapeutics groups focused on resilience developtment.

job hulshoff

Natalia González Aristizabal

Facilitator RIIHS
Born in Medellin, Colombia, graduated in publicity, activity to which she attributes her creative vision.
With studies in family constellations and other holistic techniques, she starts on the path of the experiences that a woman can live to transform herself. With this practice, she accompanies other people to connect themselves with their potential and internal power.
The expansion in her path guides her to transpersonal coaching and Reconstructive RIIHS, tools that she uses in individual and group processes. She defines her work with women as a fundamental part of her purpose.

sonia maes
Brussels, Belgium

Sonia Maes

Facilitator RIIHS
Sonia is trained as a psychotherapist, relationship therapist and work-related coach. She works in the group practice EigenKleur, where she works with individuals and couples.Sonia also works in companies as a individual coach and trainer in
communication. Sonia’s background is HR and Communication.

juliette Rijnfrank

Juliette Rijnfrank

The Hague, The Netherlands

Facilitator RIIHS
Juliette works in the Netherlands as an intercultural and systemic coach.
In all those years that she has gained experience as an interpreter and translator, She has come into contact with different cultures on a daily basis. Because whether it is Brazil, Portugal, Angola or Cape Verde, the Portuguese language may be the same almost everywhere, each country has its own cultural context and identity, history and customs. Stimulating dialogue and mutual understanding between different cultures is part of her work as a coach and interpreter.
Including work by using intercultural competencies and sensitivity. That means that you welcome everyone from different cultures with different ideas and opinions.

job hulshoff
Países Bajos

Job Hulshoff

Facilitador RIIHS
Job está educado como psicoterapeuta, terapeuta de relaciones y entrenador relacionado con el trabajo.
Desde 2010, Job ha estado trabajando en Eigenkleur, una práctica grupal para terapia y terapia de pareja.
Allí trabaja como terapeuta con individuos y parejas. Job también facilita talleres en Reconstructivas.
Job es co-desarrollador del curso en línea Becoming Visible.
Job colabora en dos podcasts. Flashlights in the dark, micro-shots of consciousness, un podcast en inglés sobre la conciencia y Liefde tussen Hemel en Hel, un podcast holandés sobre el amor y las relaciones.



Hermes Perez

Hermes Pérez


verena goris

Verena Goris

Jose Miguel Pareja

José Miguel Pareja


daniela landi

Daniela Landi

Diego Florez

Diego Florez


Luis Barrios

Luis Barrios


eliana maiz

Eliana Maiz

alicia valdes

María Alicia Valdés

Diego Florez

Xochitl Carrasquedo


Kelly Fontana

Kelly Fontana

Frananger Salazar

Frananger Salazar

gabriela idrogo

Gabriela Idrogo

Carmen Herrera

Carmen Lucinda Herrera Gomez

monica serrano

Mónica Serrano

ernesto calvo

Ernesto Calvo

Roel Thyssen

Roel Thyssen

susana castro

Susana Castro

laurien engels

Laurien Engels

Rijkevorsel and Kapellen

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