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When we are aware that our process of understanding comes only from our accumulated knowledge of something we had to learn, we realize that talking about or comprehending the word “consciousness” is impossible.

An image that reminds us of this fact was in the comic strips we used to see in TV when we were children. There, a little angel, or devil stood on the shoulders of a character who had to take a decision and was very scared.

This internal voice is only a piece of data from the accumulated knowledge: “Do it, don’t do it”.

In a very large percentage, we deal with our decisions from the ideas and concepts that we constructed in our well-kept memories. In this way, we feel inclined or against a lot of what happens to us. We are deprived in a 95% to know who we are, owed to the memories and the survival.

Consciousness, on the other hand, is something sacred, an intelligence that lives in each of us and is not trapped by the memories. For the rest, we are only memories.

Physiological and psychological processes rest on the memory of evolution, genetic memory, karmic memory, conscious memory, and even unconscious memories.

Who are we then?

• Only memories.
• Human beings with a limited knowledge that helps us psychologically and physiologically for our basic needs.
• Persons who fight every day with the others, because we believe that what we learnt is better than that of the other.

What lies inside memories is limited. They are trenches, marks that limit time and space in us. Hence, consciousness is not limited by memories. It becomes the consequence of what we have achieved, and not what we had to understand.

Then we can state that one of the big synonyms of memory is survival.

What is outside my memory is strange, rare, and little known. This will be the base of our intelligence, common sense and, often, the search for something more.

Reconstructive touches this dimension outside what we learnt and memorized. We recognize the limits, and we aim responsibly to go further, much further than consciousness.

Transpersonal coaching is the base of the instruction needed to arrive to this dimension. We could say that the antechamber or prelude of that experience, which can be compared to an altered state of consciousness, has to do with the study, experimentation, and recognition of all that sets for us the boundaries in what we learnt.

Living the origin of memories, the why, how, when and with whom in our first stage of live will be very important, as it will give us the sign of “go ahead, seeker, now yes”. The process will take us from understanding to realization. Being clear that understanding is only a recycled memory bank, and realization is the possibility of experimenting and living together with all that surrounds us without judging or separating ourselves.

When we experience this urge for more, something like a longing, a process of desire that is searching for expansion, to go beyond our own limitations; then, we are telling ourselves “I am breaking with my limitations, the data or the bank of my memories”. Seeing this possibility, we will realize that going through the deconstruction of the old will be the best and most incredible feat we can achieve for ourselves.

Reconstructive, along with Transpersonal Coaching, as an experimental method of new realities, will offer us the possibility of expansion in our perception and those memories that give us few options for development.

Transpersonal coaching:

  • Learning about perception, domestication, programing from 0 to 6 years old for survival.
  • Recognizing our place with our parents and the family system to understand our learnings and data.
  • From Ortonoia to Metanoia, going through Paranoia (crisis, transformation).
  • Experimenting the concept of limited consciousness to access unlimited consciousness (internal intelligence that is unknown to us).
  • Recognizing the habits, belief systems and their infinite cycles.
  • Stop believing and understanding that life is based in that which is simple, clear, and effective.

Reconstructive bring us:

  • Experimenting in our own flesh our own limitations.
  • Seeing the space of ignorance in which we live.
  • Leaving aside for an instant the knowledge (accumulated data) that is trapping us.
  • They teach us of what we know it exist inside us and we don’t dare to live yet.
  • They allow us to expand and be creative without recycling the old and memorized.
  • Having larger experiences (not understanding) of what I never imagined.
  • Separating and experimenting between consciousness (what is beyond memories) and knowledge (recycled data that comes from what we learnt).
  • Recognizing the when and why of survival in us and our relations (family, culture, education, and religion)-
  • Learning what we are internally, in order to grasp the biggest and most sacred: taking care of everything, starting with ourselves.
  • The absolute understanding that the health of the planet starts with us.
  • Contributing, creating community and alliances.
  • Experimenting effort and discipline as success factors.
  • Conscious evolution.
  • Transcending the “I”.

“Let’s be more than we are, let’s search inside the immensity the possibility of being a bit more than we were”.

Carola Castillo

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