Reconstructive International
Integrative Holistic School

La Escuela

We are an international educational institution, with broad experience and focused on our students’ holistic and integral learning.

Our philosophy is based on an integral vision and the premise that each person is responsible for searching his or her identity, and the meaning and sense of his or her life.

We offer trainings in Transpersonal Coaching and Reconstructive.

The program in Transpersonal Coaching, where we instruct the future coach online and face-to-face, is totally innovative.  Trained coaches will be able to start the path of becoming helpers only and exclusively for individual sessions (one-to-one), both online and face-to-face with his or her consultants.

Reconstructive are specifically meant to be performed through face-to-face group dynamics. The base or vertebral column of the training program in Reconstructive is the training in Transpersonal Coaching.

Both are trainings accredited and certified by RIIHS.

We provide our students with the best possible in-depth educational and coursework experience, while offering them the latest most innovative and actualized information through continuous education programs.

Equally, we offer the possibility of becoming a Coach endorsed by RIIHS. This is an exclusive program of the school, in which its members are available under the RIIHS structure.

Also, there is a membership program for Facilitators – therapists endorsed by RIIHS for group dynamics. Both RIIHS Coaches and Facilitators will be qualified to understand and apply the RECONSTRUCTIVE INTEGRATIVE INTERNATIONAL HOLISTIC SCHOOL model.

Reconstructives with Transpersonal Coaching as an experimental method of new realities.

Sometimes we need a guide or teacher, someone who guides us and challenges us to reach another level.

Upcoming workshops, trainings and certifications of the School in different parts of the world.


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